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The Step-by-Step-Process of Invisalign

February 9, 2021

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Woman with Invisalign

Before, if you wanted to have a straighter smile, you would have had to sport metal brackets and wires on your teeth. Fortunately, there is now another option: Invisalign. This treatment uses a series of customized clear plastic aligners in order to slowly shift the teeth into their new aligned locations. If you’re wanting to fix alignment issues, it pays to learn more about the Invisalign treatment process. Continue reading to learn more about all the steps that take place.


Add a Healthier Smile to Your List of New Year’s Resolutions

January 15, 2021

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list of new year's resolutions in burleson

It’s a brand new year, and you have the opportunity to make it the best one yet. You’ve probably already heard the phrase, “new year, new you” a time or two, but have you considered what that means for yourself on a personal level? You may have already finished your list of new year’s resolutions, but before you tuck it away, your Burleson dentist shares some reasons why adding a healthier smile to the list is one of the best things you can prioritize this year.


Smile-Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Better Dental Habits

December 7, 2020

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Stockings filled with smile-friendly gifts recommended by Burleson dentist

Are you ready for Christmas? As a parent, one of the best parts of the holidays is watching your son or daughter discover their stocking and the little goodies hidden inside. However, a stocking full of popular sugary treats can leave your child with a mouth full of cavities! Instead, you can give them gifts that will put a smile on their face and help keep it healthy. Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas from your Burleson dentist that can promote better dental habits.


Save Money by Seeing Your Dentist Before Your Insurance Benefits Expire

November 2, 2020

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man smiling at his dentist in Burleson

As we head into the holiday season with the COVID-19 pandemic having no end in sight, many people are trying to save money any way they can. For some, this means canceling their routine dental checkups and cleanings. While you might think this can save you money, it couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you have dental insurance. On average, less than 3% of Americans use all of the benefits they’re paying for. The other 97% are practically throwing money away! To avoid this, take the time to learn how seeing your dentist in Burleson before 2020 ends can benefit your smile as well as your wallet.


Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month with These 5 Tips

October 10, 2020

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Woman flossing as recommended by Burleson dentist

Achieving a beautiful, healthy smile takes a lifetime of care. Even if you’ve been told you have nice teeth, it’s essential to take the right steps to care for them and prevent problems. Thankfully, practicing a few simple habits can go a long way for maintaining excellent oral health. To celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month this October, start implementing these five tips from your Burleson dentist for a healthier smile!


5 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentist

September 16, 2020

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mother and young daughter visiting family dentist in Burleson

You’ve just found out your child needs their teeth straightened, so you have to schedule an appointment for them with a new orthodontist instead of their pediatric dentist. Your mother just told you she needs a new pair of dentures since hers don’t fit well anymore. In the chaos of trying to book all of these visits, you almost forgot about your own dental checkup! Isn’t it stressful having to visit all of these different professionals just to meet your family’s various dental needs? One way to make this process easier is by choosing a family dentist in Burleson instead. Here are five benefits you can gain from seeing a family dentist.


4 Reasons COVID-19 Shouldn’t Delay Your Dental Visit

August 31, 2020

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Dentist in Burleson talking to patient

For over five months, our lives have completely changed in the name of infection control. Initially, stay-at-home orders were in place, businesses were shut down, and events were canceled. However, thanks to face coverings, social distancing guidelines, and extensive hand hygiene, the transition into our “new normal” has begun. Nevertheless, many patients are continuing to postpone their routine dental visits to practice self-isolation and prevent potential exposure. Therefore, a dentist in Burleson is sharing four reasons why COVID-19 shouldn’t delay your bi-yearly appointments.


Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

July 7, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Jay Oza @ 3:19 am
Smiling Burleson dentist holding model jaw with dental implant

Losing a permanent tooth and trying to choose between all your replacement options can be an overwhelming experience. However, one method sets itself above the rest: dental implants. With over 500,000 dental implants placed every year, this modern tooth replacement option is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions to missing teeth. So why have over three million people chosen to rebuild their smiles with dental implants? Read on as your Burleson dentist explains some of the distinct advantages this common treatment can offer that other tooth replacements can’t.


Dental Safety: How Your Dentist Prepares For Your Visit in a Pandemic

June 23, 2020

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Dentist in Burleson putting on PPE

At your dentist’s office, a culture built on safety and infection control is more important now than ever. While historically the number of healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) from dental procedures is nominal, dentists across the board are still taking extensive measures to ensure that your safety remains a top priority throughout the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Your dentist in Burleson shares five ways they’re preparing for your upcoming appointment.


How to Practice Social Distancing at Your Dentist’s Office

May 18, 2020

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Busy waiting room at Burleson dentist's office before COVID-19

From sugary snacking to stressful chewing, there are a number of reasons why many of us will be visiting our dentist after weeks in quarantine. As the country slowly begins to reopen, it’s essential to keep in mind that social distancing is still the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19. How are you supposed to stay six feet apart from others when visiting a busy dental practice? Read on to find out what steps your Burleson dentist is taking to help you keep a safe distance when you come in for dental care.

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