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5 Dentist-Approved Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 2, 2022

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person giving Valentine’s Day gifts to partner

The season of love is upon us! That means countless people are preparing for Valentine’s Day dates by making reservations, picking out the perfect outfit, and buying gifts. If you aren’t sure what Valentine’s Day gift to get for your partner, why not get them something that will help them take care of their pearly whites? Read on for five dentist-approved Valentine’s Day dental gifts that they’re sure to love!

#1: Sugar-free Candy

If you want to give your partner candy this Valentine’s Day but don’t want it to damage their teeth, you’re in luck! Popular candies like peanut butter cups, hard candies, and gummies all come in sugar-free varieties that taste as sweet as the originals. Since they aren’t packed full of sugar, these treats won’t be as damaging to your partner’s teeth. It is worth noting that some of these candies contain high levels of acid, so make your selections carefully.

#2: Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a staple of Valentine’s Day. It seems like every candy company under the sun manages to work the holiday of love into their marketing in one way or another. Though traditional milk chocolate is full of sugar, that doesn’t mean you and your loved one need to skip this classic treat altogether. There are sugar-free variations of many classic treats, including chocolate bars. You can also buy them dark chocolate, which contains less sugar and doesn’t give harmful oral bacteria as much to feed off.

#3: A Waterpik

Though it may not be as romantic as flowers, chocolates, and a stuffed teddy bear, a Waterpik or another kind of water flosser is a great way for your partner to take care of their smile. These tools are particularly helpful for those who have trouble using traditional dental floss, such as people with mobility issues like arthritis.

#4: Cosmetic Dentistry

Has your partner ever mentioned that they’re unsatisfied with their smile? If so, consider gifting them one or more cosmetic dental treatments this Valentine’s Day. From porcelain veneers to Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry can help them correct dental imperfections and feel more confident in their smile.

#5: Dental Hygiene Products

If your partner loves sweet treats, why not gift them this Valentine’s Day in the form of oral hygiene products? There are all types of dessert-themed toothpaste flavors, including cupcake, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and vanilla. You can also buy them a new electric toothbrush to use with them. This will make their oral hygiene routine more fun and allow them to more effective clean their pearly whites.

Show your partner how much you care about them by giving them gifts that will help them maintain a healthy smile. Not only will they appreciate your thoughtfulness, but they will think of you every time they flash a new and improved smile!

About the Author

If you need help coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, Marvel Dental is here for you. From cosmetic dental treatments like veneers and Invisalign to oral hygiene products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and water flossers, there are countless gifts you can give them that will encourage a happy, healthy smile. Ready to make an appointment or want to learn about their many service offerings? Call Marvel Dental’s office at (817) 933-3883 or visit their website to get started.

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