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Could I Be At Risk for Oral Cancer?

April 4, 2022

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Most of us were told to brush and floss our teeth every day to keep our smiles clean and healthy. However, preserving your pearly whites is more crucial than you might think. With preventive dental care, you could actively avoid more serious conditions, especially oral cancer. Read on to learn about the symptoms, causes, and methods for reducing your risks from your dentist in Burleson.

What Are the Oral Cancer Symptoms?

Cancer that happens anywhere inside the mouth is known as oral cancer. It can be identified by the following conditions:

  • A white or reddish patch inside your mouth
  • A mouth or lip sore that doesn’t heal
  • A lump or growth in the mouth
  • Mouth discomfort
  • Loose teeth
  • Earaches
  • Difficult or painful swallowing

How Does Oral Cancer Begin?

Oral cancer can begin whenever a mutation occurs in the DNA of the cells in your mouth or on your lips. This change causes the cells to continue growing and dividing even when healthy cells would die. When these abnormal cancer cells accumulate, they can form a tumor that can also spread from the mouth to other parts of the body.

Are There Ways to Reduce My Risks?

While it still isn’t clear what causes the mutation, there are several methods to help reduce your risks of oral cancer:

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure: Too much radiation is capable of causing changes to the cells, and sunlight is no different. To protect the skin on your lips, try staying in the shade or wearing hats to cover your entire face (especially the mouth). You could also apply sunscreen for extra protection.
  • Stay away from tobacco products: Whether smoking or chewing it, tobacco can be detrimental to your oral health overall. Not only will it cause bad breath and staining, but you might expose your mouth to cancer-causing chemicals. For this reason, it’s best to quit or never start using it.
  • Don’t drink heavy amounts of alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can actually irritate the cells in your mouth. This will make them more susceptible to oral cancer, especially since the immune system could be weakened.
  • Visit your dentist: By seeing them at least twice a year, your dentist can monitor your oral health and provide a professional cleaning. If they detect anything unusual or indicative of oral cancer, they can treat it before it worsens.

Next to regular dental visits, you should also always keep a proper dental hygiene. But if you ever have concerns along the way, don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist for expert guidance!

About the Practice

At Marvel Dental, our expert team is proud to deliver high-quality, passionate, and comprehensive dental care for Burleson, TX and the surrounding communities. We use state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques in dentistry to help you reach and preserve the smile you deserve. Among our numerous treatments, we also perform oral cancer screenings during your checkup. If you want to know more about oral cancer and how to reduce your risks, feel free to visit our website or call 817-933-3883.

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