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How to Handle a Dental Emergency During Summer Vacation

June 6, 2024

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Now that the weather is heating up, you’re likely prepping for a well-earned summer vacation. That’s only natural – you don’t want to put off something like “fun in the sun!” Still, you’ll also want to be ready should your “vacay” involve an urgent oral issue. Failing to account for an ill-timed dental emergency could cause your exciting trip to flounder and fail. That being said, consider these four tips to handle a dental emergency during summer vacation.

Pack & Use a Dental Emergency Kit

Just in case, pack a dental emergency kit as part of your vacation luggage. Its tools will help you manage sudden oral issues before a future dental treatment.

You should pack the following items in your kit:

·        Pain-Relievers – Non-prescription painkillers can help manage pain until you see a dentist.

·        Gauze –  By applying gauze to an oral injury, you can reduce bleeding.

·        A Small Container – If you suffer a knocked-out tooth, store it in this container.

·        Salt Packets – After pouring these packets into the water, you can swish warm saltwater that soothes mouth sores.

Act According to Your Oral Issue

Dental emergencies aren’t the same; they vary from patient to patient. Given that fact, respond to your oral issue with its specifics in mind.

For example, perhaps the problem is a severe toothache. In that case, you should first rinse your mouth and floss near the affected area. That way, you may dislodge any debris causing your tooth pain. If the rinsing and flossing don’t work, you can also take pain relievers to manage your discomfort and book a dental visit.

Have a Plan with a Dependable Dentist

Dental emergencies are time-sensitive, so try to know about nearby dental providers before leaving for your trip. You can then have a plan ready with a dentist close to your vacation spot.

To be specific, research dentists close to where you’re staying who offer urgent care and accept your insurance. Your local dental provider could even offer some suggestions! Either way, make sure your chosen dentist contacts your primary one and gets any necessary records. You should also confirm that your dental plan offers coverage while you’re abroad.

Visit an Emergency Room if Necessary

Even if you search diligently, dentists may be far from your trip location. However, don’t start panicking just yet; you can still visit an ER as the next-best alternative.

You see, an emergency room is partly equipped to address dental problems. It can treat at least some mouth issues to protect your overall health. In particular, an ER could reduce your short-term pain, prescribe antibiotics, and refer you to a qualified dentist. You’d then be even closer to a healed and restored smile.

It’s not ideal to handle a dental emergency during summer vacation, but the tips above should help. Remember to use them if or when the time comes.

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