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SureSmile: Your Short Path to Straighter Teeth

young girl with braces Marvel Dental is now able to help patients of all ages get the straighter smile they’ve always wanted using SureSmile. SureSmile is the latest innovation in braces technology that has been shown to straighten the teeth much, much faster than traditional orthodontics. That means less visits to the office and less time waiting to show off your perfectly straight teeth! Now, your dentist in Burleson is able to offer you the best orthodontic treatment available today.

The Advantages of SureSmile

Patients around the country are choosing SureSmile to straighten their teeth, and it’s no wonder why:

How SureSmile Works

SureSmile still utilizes the same bracket and wire system as traditional braces, but that’s where the similarities stop. Rather than using a physical model made from an impression of your teeth to formulate your treatment plan, your dentist will start by using a high-resolution scanner to create a fully 3D image of your teeth. Then, with SureSmile’s software, they’ll be able to design your treatment plan so that your teeth will move into their correct positions as quickly as possible.

This plan is then sent to a SureSmile lab where your archwires (which are what actually guides your teeth) are precisely bent by a robot in order to perfectly execute your dentist’s plan. Typically, these wires are bent by hand, which limits how fast the teeth can be moved. Thanks to all of this innovative technology, your treatment will take an average of 8 months less than traditional braces.

How Can I Get SureSmile?

Whether you’re looking to get orthodontic care for yourself or your child, SureSmile can help. It takes all the trusted and reliable aspects of braces and combines them with the latest, state-of-the-art technology to create a completely unique and effective treatment.

If you would like to see if SureSmile is right for you or your child, all you need to do is contact us today and set up a consultation. At this appointment, we’ll discuss your goals, map out your treatment plan, and before you know it, you’ll be seeing a beautifully straight smile in the mirror every morning!