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Watch for These 3 Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

July 6, 2022

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Man suffering signs of dehydration

If you don’t already know, Texas is experiencing an intense heatwave. Its cities have had high temperatures in the triple digits for weeks now! The National Weather Service has even put multiple Texas areas under excessive heat warnings. Needless to say, dehydration thrives in such conditions. To ensure you don’t fall prey to it this summer,  you’ll need to be extra vigilant. That said, read on to learn the sneaky signs of dehydration, the condition’s impact on oral health, and how to prevent it.

Some Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

It isn’t just thirst and sweat that signal when you’re getting dehydrated. There are also subtler signs that can be easy to miss. Review the ones below to be better informed.

Muscle Spasms

People can get muscle cramps due to dehydration and electrolyte depletion, which keep your body from getting sodium and potassium. When you lack these nutrients, you can’t balance the pH levels in your body and control nervous system function.

Dark Pee

Another lesser-known symptom is dark-colored pee. As your body tries to conserve its remaining water, your urine becomes more concentrated and thus turns darker. In other words: pale urine means you’re hydrated, while dark-yellow urine means it’s time for a glass of water (or two).

General Fatigue

Hydration is key to keeping bodily energy throughout the day. Because it delivers vital nutrition to your cells, it keeps your organs functional. Therefore, not getting enough water for them to perform these functions can make you feel like you’re dragging.

Dehydration’s Effect on Oral Health

Dehydration dries up the saliva that usually washes away leftover food and bacteria in your mouth. It thus allows said food and bacteria to build up and lead to problems like plaque, gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth sores.

Furthermore, the saliva it eliminates normally bathes your teeth with calcium and fluoride, minerals that help strengthen them. So, dehydration also makes your teeth less resistant to bacteria and other harmful forces.

Some Key Hydration Tips

Thankfully, it’s possible to avoid the consequences above. Just add these habits to your regular routines:

  • Quench Your Thirst: Don’t let yourself put up with thirst. Instead, drink until it stops nagging at you.
  • Find the Right Drink: If you’re not a huge fan of water, consider herbal tea or fruit-infused varieties. While at it, try a drink that includes both water and electrolytes, as the latter helps your body keep critical nutrients.
  • Stay Prepared: To head off possible dehydration, prepare for things like sun exposure or exercise by drinking the day before. Hydrate during and after these times as well.

Hydration is key to your well-being, including a healthy mouth. Remember the signs and tips above, so you don’t let this summer’s heat get the better of you!

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