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The New Year Means New Smiles with Your Dentist in Burleson

January 24, 2017

Achieve the smile you have always wanted by visiting your dentist in Burleson.

The New Year always provides us the motivation to embark upon challenging projects, amend old ones that aren’t working, and most importantly, renew our commitment to being the best we can be. Sometimes this starts with curtailing bad habits and encouraging better ones, but the way you feel about your self and your ability to achieve these goals starts with being confident about your appearance. If you are experiencing any dissatisfaction with your smile, such as yellowing or staining, chips or misalignments, your dentist in Burleson can help. Dr. Shiv Kohli and Dr. Jay Oza at Marvel Dental are always here to help you freshen up your smile and even transform it.


When to See an Emergency Dentist in Burleson

December 7, 2016

See your dentist in Burleson when you have pain, a cracked filling or oral injury. Read first aid tips from the team at Marvel Dental Care.

You would go the hospital emergency room if you fractured your wrist or weren’t breathing properly. You understand that fast, competent medical help can preserve you from further harm or even save your life. The same applies to pressing dental problems such as avulsed teeth, throbbing toothache pain, or broken dentures or fillings. When a dental need occurs suddenly, Dr. Jay Oza and Dr. Shiva Kohli, your dentists in Burleson, are your go to team for fast and compassionate emergency care. Never hesitate to call Marvel Dental Care for advice and prompt resolution in your time of need.


Dentists in Burleson Provide Quality Care to Your Family

November 12, 2016

Superior technology plus great dentist-patient relationships combine at Marvel Dental. Read how the dentists serve the Burleson community.

The best dentist in Burleson should provide a full range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental services for people of all ages. However, that technical expertise is worth little without patient-centeredness and compassion. Find everything your family needs and wants in a dentist at Marvel Dental in Burleson. Dr. Jay Oza and Dr. Shiv Kohli have the expertise and people skills to make you smile.